The Center for Professional Education (CPE) at MSOE is a leader in continuing education and training, creating opportunities for professional upskilling; earning industry-recognized credentials to support career advancement and increase earning potential; gaining technical knowledge in rapidly changing fields; and satisfying professional licensure requirements. The center offers high-quality programming including:

  • Consulting and Customized Training Solutions
    The MSOE at Work program offers customized training to address your organization’s specific business needs and goals. Programs can be delivered at the worksite or other location.  
  • Workshops and Seminars
    Public workshops and seminars are typically held in-person, providing an opportunity for participants to engage with and learn from other professionals.
    • Fluid Power Seminars
      These seminars, offered through the Applied Technology Center, keep engineers and managers abreast of cutting-edge technological development, current applications and newly developed techniques in fluid power, motion control and hydraulics.
  • Webinars and Online Programs
    Convenient and effective online programs for busy professionals who are seeking to expand knowledge, enhance skills, advance careers, and address business challenges. 
  • Conferences and Special Events
    Conferences and other types of meetings, in collaboration with internal and external partners and sponsors.