The Dean of Students Office has a strong commitment to fostering student development, particularly in the acquisition of personal values, which create a respect for individual difference, cultural diversity and equal opportunity.  Dean of Students Kip Kussman and Assistant Dean Betty Albrecht strive to meet the varied needs of all students through advocacy program support, advising, and general counseling.

We pride ourselves on being an office where students and families will find an answer to their question, a solution to their problem, or an effective referral to the office or professional who can best provide assistance.

A Welcome Letter from the Dean

Here at MSOE there are multiple aspects to your college experience both in and outside the classroom that are invaluable to your development as a person and a professional.

We at MSOE pride ourselves on the opportunities our students have to explore their passions, pursue new adventures and make lasting connections. Whether its traveling to Munich with your peers over New Year’s eve, raising money to help your favorite charity, or going disc golfing on the course you helped design – Students at MSOE are encouraged to engage in their community at a local and global level.

The Student Life Office provides students all the resources and support needed to make the transition from high school to college as seamless and exciting as possible.

We welcome you to join our community of students. Together, you will discover more about your interests, your talents and your dreams than you ever thought possible.

Kip Kussman
Dean of Students

Programs and Services

The Dean of Students Office provides students with the support, resources and referrals they need to succeed at MSOE.

Our services include:

  • Serving as a single point of contact within the University for students and their families in time of crisis (personal or financial)
  • Consultation and referrals for students contemplating withdrawal from, or re-enrollment at, the university
  • Implementing and monitoring the University Conduct Process
  • Facilitating a positive university community experience through Residence Life and on-campus experiences

Student Life Resources

Online Student Handbook

Campus policies, procedures and more for MSOE students.

Code of Conduct

The intention of this code is to maintain and promote the educational mission of MSOE. The Student Conduct Code specifies the minimum level of conduct expected of every MSOE student.

Title IX Information

Under Title IX, schools must respond and remedy hostile educational environments.

Counseling and Health Services

From Welcome Week to graduation day, MSOE students can visit Counseling and Health Services for advising, counseling, health and accessibility services.